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What to expect in 2021

The #event industry has changed more in the past 10 months than it has in the last 10 years.

As we are getting ready for the festive season of staycations and more zoom parties,

The question looms at the back of our minds: what is going to happen in 2021?

Let’s get virtual

#Virtualevents are here to stay

From the small zoom type meeting to the bigger and flashier online pow wow´s virtual events will continue to dominate at least the first quarter as we all wait for the vaccine developments and regulations to unfold.

Event organisers had to experiment loads since last March to make events work in the virtual realm and those who made it now have a wealth of knowledge. There is a huge amount of event tech available and event organisers are now much more skilled to know which works for what type of event.

Not all tech fits all.

#HybridEvents are coming our way

Once f2f meetings and events get the go-ahead, I think we can expect a hybrid of in-person and virtual participation to gain traction. Companies can offer the option to attend an event in multiple ways and what is more exciting is that content and networking will be enabled by the tech to be offered months before and after the actual event.

The notion of community is gaining considerable value and it is actually achievable. This is the way that hybrid should be applied in order to be valuable and viable.

The new normal

People will be more reluctant to travel distances, and companies will be making sure their event destinations are targeting local/regional audiences.

There are also event formats of hosting several small group gatherings over the span of a week rather than one large meeting on the same day.

Venue Capacity

At this point, I think all #eventprofs agree and expect that some kind of restrictions will apply for meetings and large gatherings for the best part of 2021.

For event indoors, most venues are likely to space out attendees by having empty seats in between people. Tables will probably be set far apart or floor graphics and tape marks will be applied to assist in social distancing.

Segmentation of the audience into smaller but very targeted groups over the span of a week may a solution or allow the community to heavily connect online might be some solutions depending on the event.

Let's get outside!

Outdoor events will be able to accommodate a larger group of people and easily provide a comfortable meeting experience for the attendees.

However specific social distancing protocols may be applied, an open-air setup will certainly create better opportunities for a memorable experience, like a funfair or a variety of team building games.

Cleaning, Disinfection, and Waste Management

The global pandemic has increased awareness of sanitation practices in public spaces. For ease of mind and safety of attendees, it will be very important to set and practice strict and visible sanitation procedures.

Before, during, and after the event, all surfaces must be rigorously cleaned and disinfected such as bathrooms, and high-touch areas such as microphones, doorknobs, handrails, speaking lecterns, and elevator buttons.

A new giveaway has made its way into event collateral, the face mask; offering it at registration and at booths or a 'refresh' stand in the Expo. Hand sanitizing stations should be available in multiple areas of the event; at entrances, attendees should use the hand sanitizing station before entering.

The joining instructions are likely to advise against handshakes or physical touching between attendees and instead, provide special and fun tags for people to wear in order to make introductions easier.

Work with the catering company that applies strict sanitation guidelines and offer pre-packaged meals or snacks. Individual disposable cutlery and beverage containers will be the norm in order to minimize the chances of people sharing food containers.

Are you thinking about your 2021 events? We are ready to become your partner.

We are helping clients transform their events by guiding them to take the right steps in launching their Virtual and Hybrid events. Check out what we can do to make your event a success.

If you are interested in learning more about Virtual and Hybrid Events drop us a line and let’s chat.


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