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Share, Connect & Learn

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We are the experts

to help you set up and run your 

webinars online.


Since March 2020, we have delivered a series of webinars and online events with a quick turnaround, focusing on great content at competitive prices for a series of webinars


We work with a variety of platforms, so we make sure we recommend the right one for your needs.  

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Why run a Webinar?

Connect & Share: engage your audience with valuable knowledge and insights wherever they are located. 


Flexible: Your audience can join a live webinar or they can catch up at their own time; especially helpful when you are training groups of people in different time zones. 


Cost-effective: Although webinars take some investment in time and resources, it is still a very cost-effective way to offer training and share great content. 

Easy registration: via email with a registration link to be sent to your participants list asking them to register.

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We take care of virtually everything

We will schedule a short briefing call, and you will receive a quote from us in 24h.

You choose the level of collaboration with us: 

  •  End to End Management 

Advice on the Event Format

Select the Event Platform
Help you to build the Agenda
Set up the Platform

Coordinate the Video & Graphics production 

Supplier Management
Delegate Management 
Speaker Preparation and Rehearsals
Sponsors Onboarding and Management
Tech Rehearsals
Build your Communications Plan
Deliver the Event

You focus on content, we do everything else.

  •  Consulting 

If you have teams that coordinate these elements, we become part of your team and consult on solutions, processes, roles, and schedules.

We guide you, you set off to a new era of your business.