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Share, Connect & Learn

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We are the experts

to help you set up and run your 

webinars online.


Since March 2020, we have delivered a series of webinars and online events with a quick turnaround, focusing on great content at competitive prices for a series of webinars


We work with a variety of platforms, so we make sure we recommend the right one for your needs.  


Why run a Webinar?

Connect & Share: engage your audience with valuable knowledge and insights wherever they are located. 


Flexible: Your audience can join a live webinar or they can catch up at their own time; especially helpful when you are training groups of people in different time zones. 


Cost-effective: Although webinars take some investment in time and resources, it is still a very cost-effective way to offer training and share great content. 

Easy registration: via email with a registration link to be sent to your participants list asking them to register.

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We take care of virtually everything

We will schedule a short briefing call, and you will receive a quote from us in 24h.

You choose the level of collaboration with us: 

  •  End to End Management 

Advice on the Webinar Format

Select the Webinar Platform
Shape the Agenda
Set up the Platform

Coordinate the Video & Graphics production 

Manage Suppliers
Manage Delegates
Manage and Train Speakers
Manage Sponsors 
Tech Rehearsals
Build your Communications Plan
Deliver the Event

You focus on content, we do everything else.

  •  Consulting 

If you have teams that coordinate these elements, we become part of your team and consult on solutions, processes, roles, and schedules.

We guide you, you set off to a new era of your business.