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Online, Virtual & Hybrid Events

The Digital Event Specialists

We take care of virtually everything

You choose the level of collaboration with us: 

End-to-End Event Management 

  • Event Format and Design

  • Venue Sourcing, Negotiations, Contracting

  • Agenda Production and Event Structure

  • Audio-Visual Sourcing, Negotiations, Contracting

  • Event Technology for Online or Hybrid (where needed)

  • Live Streaming, Video & Graphics production 

  • Online Studio production 

  • Supplier management 

  • Registration & Delegates, Event Help Desk

  • Sustainable Event Ideas 

  • Manage & Brief Speakers, coordinate Rehearsals

  • Onboarding & Manage Sponsors 

  • Event Operations & Logistics

  • Delegate & Sponsor Communications Plan

  • Onsite Event Delivery 




If you have a team working on your event we can help by becoming a part of the team and consult on solutions, processes, roles, schedules, and delivery.​

Online Workshop

Experience the expertise of our skilled team in navigating the world of online events. Whether you're looking for a fully virtual or hybrid experience, we've got you covered.

Since March 2020, we have successfully delivered a multitude of online events, mastering various formats with ease and efficiency. Our seamless and hassle-free production ensures that your event runs flawlessly from start to finish.

"Nelita and Kostia from DXM have supported the university with the delivery of our University Mental Health Day events, demonstrating high levels of professionalism and impeccable project management skills.


We've particularly valued their ability to work with a wide variety of stakeholders at different levels across the organisation to create an exciting, diverse and inclusive agenda in line with our strategic aims.


They've become trusted partners of the university

who we look forward to working with on future projects."

Charlie Allen, Learning and Development Consultant, University of Greenwich

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More than Events;
an Experience

The power of live events and the excitement of face-to-face engagement is hard to beat.

In a world where circumstances can quickly change, adaptability and flexibility are the keys to thriving and staying ahead.

Harness the transformative potential of technology, unlocking a whole new world of opportunities to reach an expansive audience, forge lasting relationships, and deliver exceptional content that captivates for an extended duration.

Embrace the digital revolution and seize the limitless possibilities that await you.


Step into the future of events and unlock a world of extraordinary experiences today!

virtual events

Event Design: 
Online, Virtual & Hybrid

We offer the tools and the knowledge to design your online event into a digital event experience  by  making the most of the technology available. 


  We will offer comprehensive guidance on different structures and event formats ensuring it matches your event needs specifically.  

Knowing your audience well and creating the right experience for them is essential now more than ever.


We work closely with you to achieve this

be it a conference, training session, or meeting  or an engaging online or hybrid  integrated experience.

Streaming, Video & Studio Production 

We take away all the stress of the technical terms

by speaking your language!


We will coordinate all technical teams involved ensuring you get what you need hassle-free. 

Years of TV production experience combined with our event expertise makes us your ideal partner

for your live event streaming & broadcast


We will manage the live studiothe speakers, rehearsals and

produce all graphics.

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