Virtual and Hybrid Events

Business Unusual 

Online Workshop

We are the experts

to help you navigate

Virtual and Hybrid events.


Since March 2020, we have delivered more than 25 events by pivoting

to an online event format seamlessly and hassle-free. 

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More than Events;

an Experience

We know well that the power of live events and the excitement of face-to-face engagement is hard to beat.


When circumstances change, adaptability and evolution are needed in order to thrive.

Travel restrictions and regulations might make a face-to-face event,

not a feasible option for a while. 

Technology opens 

a new world of opportunities

to reach a wider audience, to forge new relationships, and to share great content. 

virtual events

Pivot to

Virtual & Hybrid

DXM can help you design your online event and make the most of the digital channels available. 

Turn meetings into engaging virtual roundtables and breakout sessions that matter to the attendee.

Online Tutorial

Make a Lasting Impression

Software and event tech alone won't make a memorable experience.


We go beyond platform selection to ensure your event is a success.

We guide you on how to promote interaction and build valuable experiences online. 

We take care of virtually everything

You choose the level of collaboration with us: 

  •  End to End Event Management 

Advice on the Event Format

Select the Event Platform
Help you to build the Agenda
Set up the Platform

Coordinate the Video & Graphics production 

Supplier Management
Delegate Management 
Speaker Preparation and Rehearsals
Sponsors Onboarding and Management
Tech Rehearsals
Build your Communications Plan
Deliver the Event

You focus on content, we do everything else.

  •  Consulting 

If you have teams that coordinate these elements, we become part of your team and consult on solutions, processes, roles, and schedules.

We guide you, you set off to a new era of your business.