Online, Virtual & Hybrid Events

The Digital Event Specialists

We take care of virtually everything

You choose the level of collaboration with us: 

  •  End-to-End Event Management 

Advise Event Format and Design
Agenda Production and Event Structure
Audio-Visual Sourcing, Negotiations, Contracting
Event Technology for Online or Hybrid 
Live Streaming, Video & Graphics production 

Online Studio production 
Manage all Suppliers
Manage Registration & Delegates, Event Help Desk
Manage & Brief Speakers, coordinate Rehearsals
Onboarding & Manage Sponsors 
Event Operations & Logistics
Delegate & Sponsor Communications Plan
Event Delivery 

You focus on content, we do everything else.

  •  Consulting 

If you have teams that coordinate these elements, we become part of your team and consult on solutions, processes, roles, and schedules.

The DXM digital event specialists can set

your business off to a new era

Online Workshop

We are skilled to help you navigate online events:
Virtual and Hybrid.
Since March 2020, we have been delivering numerous online events by producing different formats
seamlessly and hassle-free. 

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Since 2020, we have produced many successful events of different formats and types. We love getting feedback from our clients; it’s what helps us stay at the top of our game.

Read here what some had to say...

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More than Events;
an Experience

The power of live events and the excitement of face-to-face engagement is hard to beat.


When circumstances change, adaptability and flexibility are needed in order to thrive.

 Virtual and online events can offer more options to connect and

a wealth of data to access

Technology opens 

a new world of opportunities

to reach a wider audience, forge new relationships, and share great content

over longer period of time

virtual events

Event Design: 
Online, Virtual
& Hybrid

We offer the tools and the knowledge to design your online event, a digital event experience  by  making the most of the technology available. 


  We will offer comprehensive guidance on different structures and event formats ensuring it matches your event needs specifically.  

Knowing your audience well and creating the right experience for them is essential now more than ever.


We work closely with you to achieve this

be it a conference, training session, or meeting  or an engaging online or hybrid  integrated experience.


We take away all the stress of the technical terms

by speaking your language!


We will coordinate all technical teams involved ensuring you get what you need hassle-free. 

Years of TV production experience combined with our event expertise makes us your ideal partner

for your live event streaming & broadcast


We will manage the live studiothe speakers, rehearsals and

produce all graphics.

Streaming, Video & Studio Production 

Image by Lewis Guapo