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Case Study: A Hybrid event production

Updated: Mar 24, 2023

Organising a hybrid event is a much more complex a project that what may be initially perceived as it requires the development of two events rather than one.

Having a open and realistic conversation with the client at the first meeting is crucial to set facts and set expectations and clarify that running a hybrid event will inevitably create two different experiences to the two different audiences, the in-person and the remote one. It is essential to clarify from the the start what are the most important elements of the event for each audience and how these can be achieved in order to start planning the online and the in-person aspects of the event with accuracy.

The DXM team was the necessary partner to the client's team in this case in supporting the development of the project and fulfilling the right milestones at the right time while at the same time being knowledgable of the event technology needed to make this happen.

A whole range of planning is needed for such an event: setting up the right tickets on the Registration Page, designing the 'attendee journey' from registration to attendance with all necessary communication involved, setting up the online event platform, planning with the onsite AV team, coordinating with all speakers and brief them depending on their location, set up online and onsite event support teams, set up audience engagement tools accessible by everyone.

The DXM team is experienced and has supported hybrid events over the last 2 years with great success! Both audiences had an engaging experience and the client enjoyed a smooth delivery without having to worry about a single thing while onsite.

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