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Case Study: Social Work Partnership Day Conference, University of Greenwich

Updated: Mar 24, 2023

DXM's collaboration with the University of Greenwich and specifically with Panagiotis Pentaris, PhD continues successfully with the organisation of the Social Work Partnership Day Conference which took place on 25th June 2021.

This was initially an in-person event connecting social work service providers, student work placement schemes, University supervisors and students as well as people with lived experiences.

The conference content required thoughtful balancing of the content, offering panels the chance to cover all perspectives and creating the right opportunities for audience engagement and conversations in a safe environment.

Thus, it was very important to work closely with our client to formulate an agenda that supported such requirements, considered time constraints, prepare and rehearse with speakers from various locations and brief panelists and gather presentation materials, as well as set up the technology and manage the breakout rooms as well as follow a specific communications plan to achieve the necessary promotion to the audience.

The conference target was successfully achieved; the audience, presenters and panelists had meaningful exchanges and discussions in the breakout sessions as well as attend informational presentations and talks from professionals in their field with high rate of engagement.

By thoroughly understanding the brief and goals of the conference, DXM ensured the delivery of an event that would not be able to happen otherwise, and furthermore, have the opportunity to connect professionals, academics and students in a well balanced and engaging conference.


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