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Webinars can bring in the leads & the exposure you need

Updated: Jul 13, 2021

Over the last year we have worked with clients who only considered webinars due to the COVID-19 restrictions and they had not seen the value before.

Webinars' power is to be reckoned with and has been an invaluable tool to support a business in staying active, relevant and being thought leaders of their industry while keeping costs very low.

This month, the DXM team worked with returning customers like Medstrom for a highly successful webinar with three speakers and a very engaging Q&A session that left their audience wanting for more. Medstrom is now considering to add more webinars to their initial plan of the year. Data show considerable increase of their business profile in their industry and their business development teams have seriously leveraged their proposals to prospect clients who attended the webinar.

During June, a new client, the Society of Dairy Technology(SDT), wanted to start their own series of webinars for their members having witnessed the success of other webinars in the industry. We worked closely with them to identify a suitable technology and finalise the structure to service their needs and the whole project was easily up and running within a few weeks as SDT had a clear vision in regards to the content and the speakers as well as the agenda and the whole event flow.

The number of registrations, the various locations attendees logged in from and the attendance rate portrayed the positive effect the webinar had for our client while the positive all-around feedback clearly indicated that more webinars would be highly welcomed in the near future.

Just on the 1st day of July, Panagiotis Pentaris, Phd entrusted DXM once again with a high-profile Death Affairs webinar in collaboration the Portland Institute and Robert Neimeyer, PhD discussing grief and COVID-19. The focus was to use an easy and intuitive registration process as well as have a quick and easy breakout rooms process for 80+ attendees on the day and support the webinar host with registration inquiries, timekeeping, show calling, attendee help desk, on-screen materials, rehearsals and so on. Attendance was very high and the event was an overall success allowing the host/client to focus on what really matters to them.

Our services are to support our clients from registration set up, to promotion, to audience engagement, speaker rehearsals, show-calling, timekeeping and even advise on the agenda and the technology used to achieve the best results.

Each of the webinars featured in this article had specific needs in terms of project management, technology and accessibility and DXM is specialised in offering each client a bespoke approach.


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