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The PERFECTED online event on 21st Sept 2021

We were honoured to work with University of East Anglia University and the NIHR (National Institute for Health Research) last week in organising the PERFECTED online event. PERFECTED is an NIHR funded Applied Research Programme which aims to improve hospital care for patients with dementia who break their hip.

We worked closely with academics and health professionals involved to ensure this important programme was setup intuitively and simply yet efficiently on the platform, ensure all stakeholders were briefed and prepared, all materials were gathered and the structure tested in order to deliver a successful online event.

Although this was the first time an online event was considered by the client, it was a great success with high rates of attendance from all over the UK. The breakout rooms proved to be highly valuable additions to the presentations as they connected the audience in meaningful conversations that kept everyone engaged until the end.

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