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Medstrom webinar series

Updated: Mar 24, 2021

Excited to be working with @medstromhealthcare on their new series of webinars with their vision to provide a space for thought-provoking discussions & exchange of research and practical experiences amongst healthcare professionals & their peers.

Platform: Livestorm

Length: 45 mins plus Q&A

Audience: Health Care Professionals, attendance rate over 60%


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  • Press releases to relevant industry and trade publications. Specific funds spent on advertising, but rather focused on online sites and publications for promotion.

3 important things we implemented in putting together this live webinar.

Our client chose a topic that their audience was interested in and expected engagement to be high.

It is so important to know who the target market for your webinar is. From there, specific thematics, issues, questions, and challenges were identified, and the content was produced to give answers and more food for thought for the attendees.

Provide valuable content

Regardless of whether you’re charging for your webinar, or offering it at no charge, be sure to provide valuable and knowledgeable content to your attendees. Our target audience of healthcare professionals has a very heavy timetable, so the topic reflected that taking time to attend the webinar was appreciated by delivering presentations with clinical findings but also the much valued patient perspective.

Encourage and enhance audience engagement & interaction

We used the Polls and Q&A interaction methods to get the audience to participate and engage with the speakers and highlight the parts of the presentations that interested them in terms of clinical findings but also connect these with the patient's side of the story. This resulted in a highly interesting conversation on-screen with the presenters and speakers and material was gathered to be put in a post-event email enhancing the lifecycle of the event/content.

Post Webinar Survey

The post-event survey showed a warm reception from the audience with a very high satisfaction rate. The audience was very keen to register for future events which prompted Medstrom to create two more thematic webinars in May and in June.


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