• Kirsteen Lambe

Here's to the future!

For the past three months, I have been in a placement role with DXM Events & Consulting as an Event Assistant. This role has been such an incredible experience, in which I have learned so much about the events industry and expanded my skills and knowledge, particularly with virtual events.

Now as I enter the events world in uncertain times, I am optimistic that live events will return soon and look forward to the day I can be on a live site. I definitely feel virtual events have opened a fantastic gateway into hybrid events being the main focus of the event industry as it allows more people the opportunity to experience an event. Not knowing exactly what role I want in the event industry allows me the freedom to explore different options which I look forward to, however, I am eager to fall into my niche in the event world that I always hear of other event professionals speak of.

I hope to find that dream events role that I wake up looking forward to work every day and I am positive I will get there. I think 2021 will be a slow burner, but by 2022 I know the events industry will be booming, especially with the massive cry out for live events. So, I will be patient with my eagerness to find a great role, but until then I’m ready to embrace the journey and look forward to where life leads me.

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