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Budgets are tight now. Do I really need an event professional?

Updated: Aug 20, 2020

Absolutely yes! No matter how well-organised and knowledgeable you may be, events need the expertise and focus to succeed.

There are numerous experienced event professionals available to help you with parts of an event or manage it for you from beginning to end. To find the best fit for you and your company you must feel secure the chose event manager fully grasps your event's unique Selling Points and needs, who are the stakeholders involved, and the complexities of the event while requiring minimum onboarding.

Independent event professionals can benefit your event with their diverse skills, ever-evolving knowledge, breadth of experience, and challenges while collaborating in various complex environments.

What you should look for:

  • Variety of event formats; professionals who show strong experience across many different types of events like B2B conferences, forums, and awards, networking as well as B2C like road-shows, product launches, festivals, experiential, and onsite promotional activations.

  • Roles and Functions; a professional who has worked consistently over the years in a variety of roles in events is beneficial and moreover a professional who has consistent 360 knowledge of all roles and has led event teams is even more valuable to you.

  • Variety of clients; professionals who have collaborated with event agencies, media companies, associations, big brands, and advertising companies will collaborate with ease

  • International event delivery; make sure they have extended experience in planning and delivering event projects globally, if you are planning events in specific regions

  • Complex corporate environments; a professional who has an extensive experience following specific processes and procedures, adhering to certain reporting, monitoring and approval systems as well as managing diverse stakeholders and their expectations will easily follow your processes as well

  • Leadership; there is great value in the experience of leading diverse teams of professionals in complex projects. This means a professional who has managed event managers over different events, has enabled their progress and assisted them with their challenges and portrays a professional who knows how to find solutions and motivate stakeholders

  • Well connected; professionals who have been working in the industry for some years and are well connected will be best informed about the industry trends and technologies, will have a strong network to support them and advise them, have more leverage in negotiations and as an extension, you will be equally well supported and advised.

The most trusted way has always been via a recommendation by a previous client so they have direct experience of their work quality.

Ask yourself:

  1. Have they worked with clients similar to your organisation?

  2. Have they been delivering events similar to what you do or need?

  3. In what capacity and which responsibilities did they work at these events?

  4. For how long have been working in the event industry and in specific event formats?

If you focus on finding the best fit based on professional expertise and attitude you will have the opportunity to forge a strong rapport and collaboration instead of a client-supplier relationship.

A skilled and experienced event professional who has the necessary and relevant knowledge to the event project at hand will be able to cope and successfully deliver every time.

Meet with the event professionals you have shortlisted and centre the conversation on the above points mentioned. Find out their experience through their stories and how they dealt with the challenges and identify if you share the same. Through relatable situations, you know you are compatible and you know they will become an extension of your team.

The event ROI is in collaboration.

DXM offers event management professionals who support your business needs.

Get in touch to find out more.

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