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Case Study: A Vote for Women - online book launch for St. James's House

Updated: Mar 24, 2023

We are very grateful to have worked on the book launch about the #suffragemovement in the USA.

St James's House needed an event management company that could offer them personalised and focused services in managing the event online as it was something they never had any experience and they had to move fast. DXM proved to be the right fit for them as we could offer just that!

Technology: Hopin, Streamyard and Slido

Length: 1.5hrs incl Q&A session with audience

Audience: open to all via Registration on Hopin

An extension of the client's team

The book launch would have normally been an in-person event but once again the current travel restrictions dictated that we organise an online one instead that was easily accessible yet sleek and professional.

We understood very quickly from the briefing stage that it was important for the project to have a TV-like production quality and drive away from the usual teleconferencing functionalities and look. We also worked very closely with the client on the agenda and its structure to ensure it worked well offering enough time for each speaker, engage the audience during the Q&A session and create a thought-provoking discussion covering a variety of angles on the topic.

Our focus from the start has been on identifying with the client all possible ways of producing the event, inform them of all technical options, and guide the client to smooth delivery. We coordinated all necessary meetings and rehearsals with the speakers and other stakeholders and we applied our event project management experience to swiftly avoid mistakes that could harm the event on the day.

Another pivotal moment of the project development was identifying the most suitable event technology and advising the client based on the knowledge and experience we have gained over the last year. It was evident to us that our client needed valid options that were relevant to the project and to the budget while at the same time they needed our expertise on how to coordinate such technologies and the people involved to get the best results.

We used Hopin to create a common place where all attendees gathered and accessed at their own time all the information about the speakers, their bios and website/LinkedIn links as well as find out more about the book, links where to buy it, and who are the sponsors and links to their websites. The platform also provided a Stage from where all attendees could watch the event live and still have easy access to the necessary information and links. By using Streamyard we ensured a sleek look and feel, smooth transitions from one speaker to the other or to a panel setup as well as apply the necessary graphics to keep to the brand guidelines. Finally, by using Slido, we offered the client complete and easy control over the moderated Q&A session while also keeping it very simple for the attendees to participate.

The overall feedback was very positive and the event experience was beyond the clients' expectations. It is worth noting that our client was initially quite reluctant about an online event's delivery standards and was not convinced it would have the same value as an in-person event. Nevertheless, the result on the day won them over. They experienced a very different evet from what they expected; it was very smooth and 'natural' in its flow and highly engaging for both the speakers themselves and for the audience.

Over the last year, it is evident that when an event is coordinated and delivered by professionals the result is always of a high standard and everything looks effortless.

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