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Webinars, the new norm.

We have all, by now, watched and attended a good number of webinars and it is clear they have been well established even when in-person events have been getting back on track fast.

The webinar has characteristics that have proven to be essential for a business in order to establish itself as a thought leader in its industry.

The most important ones are: allows attendees to watch from anywhere in the world, a plethora of webinar platforms which are very easy to set up within a day, easily accessible for the speakers, fast post-event reporting, audience engagement features, and many more.

Above all, a webinar can showcase to the audience and the industry that a business is active, relevant and leading engaging conversations with highly informative content while reducing travelling and keeping costs very low compared to in-person events.

Our long-time client, Medstrom has now planned the whole year's webinar schedule, after a very successful 2021. Their brand is now significantly established in the industry and its visibility has reached a new high amongst peers and prospect clients.


A new client New Food Innovation requested in January 2022 to organise a webinar with only a couple of week's time for one of their clients, AB Mauri.

The webinar platform we are using, allowed us to move very fast and our proven project process enabled us to set up the new event, add the speakers/attendees, upload presentations only within few days and that was extremely important to our client.

The first webinar was a great success and a second one was scheduled soon after. We worked closely with our client, having clear project timelines and deliverables and guided the client through the process, expediting stages where needed and ensuring a smooth webinar delivery.

The DXM services support our clients from registration set up, to audience engagement, speaker rehearsals, show-calling, timekeeping and even advise on the agenda and the technology used to achieve the best results.

Each of the webinars featured in this article had specific needs in terms of project management, technology and accessibility and DXM is specialised in offering each client a bespoke approach.

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