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Studio production for online events

Updated: Jan 27, 2023

When producing an online event like a conference or even a webinar, the role of the studio producer is integral to the creation of a successful programme.

The DXM team, delivering 10+ projects over the last 2 years, have been working tirelessly with medium and large scale organisations to support their needs on a variety of different productions of video content by using the tools of a web browser based studio. Main skills we employ in these projects are: show caller, directing live TV studio, basic editing, connectivity and IT troubleshooting, speaker briefing, rehearsals and recording.

We use a variety of different studios which all offer a different range of features and functions like Cvent, Shoflo, SociaLive, StreamYard and webinar platforms like Sessions and Livestorm while at the same time we are experienced enough to lead specialised technicians who use professional studio consoles for more elaborate and demanding events like hybrid ones.

With such technology we can record a presentation or a panel discussion and include high quality graphics and overlays as well as employ TV-like production tools so we can smoothly change scenes advancing from one format to the next, without our speakers having to worry about all the technicalities that are involved.

What is more beneficial is using the Studio for a live event as we can combine the production of recorded, if needed, and live content presented to the audience in a high-quality and professional format. At the same time, there is a backstage where stakeholders can communicate last minute information, prep for the next scene, set up their materials and then 'go live'.

Get in touch with us if you are interested to find out more for your next event.

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