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Updated: Mar 30, 2022

When we are not busy organising and delivering events for our amazing clients, the DXM team keeps busy with exclusive collaborations with agencies that organise and deliver global events for large-scale companies. DXM via carefully curated collaborations stay relevant working with the best professionals in the events' industry, keep learning and training on new technologies and event platforms, work in complex corporate environments, manage complex projects with data analysis and reporting requirements. It is the best way to stay sharp and ready for our clients! What does this mean? The DXM team collaborates with large organisations and agencies in regards to their large scale or private high profile events, be them in-person or online, and delivers specific parts of the project like project management or event show calling and producing in the online studio or managing the registration of 1000++ attendees. How does it affect our clients? The level of attention and dedication we show to our clients is never compromised and there is always a dedicated support team for each project we undertake. On the contrary, we enrich the projects with all the latest industry knowledge. DXM through these collaborations stays relevant with all types of events while working with top professionals in the events' industry, learning and training on new technologies and event platforms, works in complex corporate environments, manages complex projects with intense data analysis and reporting requirements, keeps sharp and on its toes ready to advise their clients with the most up to date expertise. We have been working away on large and small collaborations since this summer and we are very proud to receive top reviews and returning collabs. Mission accomplished!

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