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8 wins for sponsors at virtual events

Event organisers, as reluctant as they may still be, have to face the new reality and pivot to virtual events fast, but there has been pushback from the event sponsors as they cannot see the same value and have been very hesitant to get involved.

The traditional sponsorship packages seem irrelevant to the sponsor and they cannot fathom how networking, meeting, and interacting cam still be the cornerstones of an event, just like it was before. The sponsors are of vital importance to the success and profitability of an event; so what is to happen now?

The context and the medium might have changed, but at the core lies the power of connection. We should innovate and use the technologies to our advantage and pave the way for opportunities to connect the industry movers & shakers with the delegates in a virtual environment.

How do you migrate all these actions into a virtual environment? is there actually any value in this or should we just wait to return back to the venues?

It is key to offer a customised proposal, based on the needs of the specific sponsor, making them understand the value of participating in a virtual event.

Here are some of the selling points to potential virtual sponsors :

  1. Opportunity to reach new audiences; from senior executives with a busy calendar to travel and attend to the most junior employees for whom event attendance is not covered in their budget.

  2. The Power is in the data; you can now have instant feedback and attendee statistics in real-time. You can extract and study all data of the delegate´s journey, preferred sessions, downloads and have instant feedback via surveys and polls

  3. Content & Interaction is the driving force; Keynotes, Panels, Fireside Chats, and Roundtables can be hosted by the sponsor while inviting top speakers to share their stories instead of a sales pitch approach. Live Q&A, Polls, and themed discussions bring sponsors closer to their audience; delegates openly exchange their stories and experiences. It is much easier for the sponsor to know who attended and follow up post-event for more discussions.

  4. You can still have a meeting; virtual of course! A variety of platforms offer great networking experiences from chat to video calls assisted even by great booking systems so you effortlessly have your own customised schedule for the day

  5. Flexibility and a longer life cycle; the event is accessible from anywhere in the world, in any timezone, and there is also the option to be accessible on-demand many days post-event at the delegates’ own time. The sponsor can even use their booth for meetings long after the event live date.

  6. You can still have a booth accessible by online delegates with means for lead generation using a variety of media to promote your services and products like video, white papers, case studies, podcasts that you have already available.

  7. Delegates now have a comprehensive digital profile uploaded on the platform that optimises searching and networking. You can chat and video call any delegate who fits your criteria. Long gone are the days of trying to make out the badge under someone's lapel!

  8. It is a cost-effective option. Virtual events require a considerably lower resource investment; no business travel and accommodation costs, no time spent on setting up booths, no merchandise production costs, or courier and custom fees.

Now more than ever, organisations and companies need to be closer to their clients and industry than ever before; it sure feels lonely and disconnected amidst the pandemic.

Virtual event platforms do offer a valuable range of media and technology tools to mitigate this. Such platforms enable unhindered human interaction which still represents the essential driver of success from the sponsors’ perspective.

Virtual events have very quickly proven to actively support the sponsor - delegate relationship and create an online environment for it to thrive in.

DXM has the knowledge and experience to become your valuable partner in this transformation and guide to successful results of virtual presence and networking.

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