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How to boost Lead Retrieval for Exhibitors at Virtual Events.

Updated: Oct 7, 2020

#Virtualevents provide a lot of value to both attendees and to #exhibitors.

At a face to face event, exhibitors have the ability to create their own lead retrieval strategies but usually, at a virtual event, it is facilitated by the organisers.

Lead retrieval allows exhibitors to access important personal data shared by attendees at registration, and exploring possible connections and leads. Without this data, the event might not hold the same value to your exhibitors.

When pivoting to digital, event attendees will no longer be able to walk up to a stand and drop their business card in a bowl. If you don't provide value for your exhibitors quite simply they might not sign up for your next event.

For starters, we will help you choose the right platform for your event, depending on the product/event and the target audience as well as the event objectives and, last but not least, your budget. Once the platform is decided and the event planning has begun, here are some important things every you need to consider in order to support lead retrieval for exhibitors at a virtual event:

Content, Content, Content

Provide valuable content. This is a very strong attraction for attendees.

Valuable content that is relevant to your target audience and offers insights or experiences useful to the community of the professionals that you wish to engage with.

Good content from an exhibitor should be promoted at roundtable discussions and not just in a presentation or at the booth and the event organiser must guide the sponsor through this process now more than ever.

It is proven that roundtable discussions lead by strong speakers and facilitators and based more around stories and experiences rather than a product/services pitch lead to engaged visitors and create more interaction opportunities for the exhibitor.

Wanna Chat?

Attendee information obtained at the registration stage is very important for exhibitor lead retrieval. It also enables the exhibitor's team to have the right information while networking during the event.

The exhibitor must actively participate in the chat or networking rooms on the event platform instead of waiting for delegates to stop by the booth. It now works the other way around.

You can very easily now search who is attending in real-time, check their profile, and request an instant chat or video call. Having such a live interaction with an attendee is highly valuable, but the exhibitor must now steer it toward an open and honest exchange of experiences with the attendee. No more pitches!

Seamless experience

Usually, at an in-person event or trade show, the visitor is given an attendee badge at the entrance with a QR code. When visitors visit the booth, the exhibitor can scan badges and immediately retrieve lead data that was captured upon registration.

At virtual events, this retrieval process will be slightly different.

When setting up virtual booths, make sure it is easy for visitors to find information. With a click of a button, they should be able to access product details, demo videos, and white papers. This way, attendees get the information they need quickly and their contact details are automatically captured for the exhibitor to keep and review. Also, if they wish, booth visitors can set up a meeting during or after the event.

Keeping it interesting

Event gamification is a great way to encourage attendee engagement at large Expos and give the participants the chance to win a nice prize while enhancing their network. Attendees and participants will have to provide details to exhibitors in order to qualify for the game or competition, helping exhibitors to capture more leads than they may otherwise. Activities like virtual treasure hunts are perfect for delegates to visit as many booths as possible.

Fast and Curious

One of the great benefits of lead retrieval online is that is you can collect data fast. The event organiser can share reports from many different points/locations of virtual events within hours of the meeting or event.

It is important that you provide data to exhibitors in a timely fashion. Exhibitors have a narrow window of time (usually up to a week after the event) to reach out to leads before a lead loses interest and a potential sale is lost. Digital fatigue is very common nowadays so acting fast and connecting exhibitors with the right delegates are the keys to a successful event.

Carefully created data reports for exhibitors allows them to view attendee behaviour and preferences during the event, while in the Expo area, in the Main Stage or the Networking Lounge. Such data can assist each exhibitor further in qualifying and understanding their strategy at such events. After all, the Expo-type events may very soon need to be re-visited in order to fit the new norm, and trial and error are in many cases the only way forward.

Prepare the exhibitor to be open to new ideas and 'listen' to the data and different approaches that work in the last months.

As event professionals, we aim to support our clients in the best way possible in their quest to boost their sales or strengthen their community during a virtual Expo event.

We are helping clients transform their events by guiding them to take the right steps in launching their Virtual and Hybrid events. Check out what we can do to make your event a success.

If you are interested in learning more about Virtual and Hybrid Events drop us a line and let’s have a virtual coffee.


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